Okay... that simple google for "wildwing sucks" brings a ton of hits...

and here's some I very much enjoyed reading and agreeing with, eh!

I have been to many Wild Wing locations, and sadly this was one of the better ones. The "Authentic" wild wing experience seems to consist of wings served half cold, processed, over priced and tasteless food, topped off with mediocre service no matter what location you choose.

The service on our last visit wasn't horrible, however it fell short of expectations. Like any self respecting Wild Wing, you will have to wait 20mins before a menu is brought to you, and you will have to wait another 20 to order a drink, and another 20 minutes before you get your drinks.

The food at Wild Wing is garbage (and I'm being polite here). It's pretty hard to screw up chicken wings, yet Wild Wing screws them up everytime. I waited 20+ minutes to receive my order of "Red hot and blue" wings. Once they came out, they were cold, over battered, and an unacceptable number of them were broken . As always, wings were missing from my order. A 2lb order is typically 18 wings; I received 15. The waitress never showed up until the meal was finished and never asked if they food was ok. I guess they get too many complaints when they ask. The cost for such a fine dinning experience; over $20. Looking at the quality of the food, this is way over priced.The atmosphere is cheesy and the license plates and other crap on the wall won't make you forget that you're paying far too much for pre-made, reheated crap.

If you like chicken wings, do yourself a favour and avoid this pathetic excuse of a chain.I have been to multiple GTA locations and I've been disapointed every single time. Do your wallet, pallet and stomach a favour and try All Star Wings or St-Louis instead.

This is the YouTube video for the CEO of the company that provided such poor poor service for our order of last Friday...and if you watch and listen closely, you'll see that he does acknowledge that there is "...some naysaying and negativity..."....and boy does he have THAT RIGHT EH!!!!

My own "...amazing suggestion..." would be to NOT rip off your customers, eh! When folks order food and pay for it - just deliver it on time - ALL of it!!!!

Waterdown WildWing Sucks!!!!

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A Letter to Ellen Roseman,
the Personal Finance Columnist at the Toronto Star

From: Cliff
Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2013 11:26 AM
To: Roseman, Ellen
Subject: Re: Thanks


Yeah, I get angry too. It's amazing how much the big companies ignore customer service. They think it costs them money when in fact it makes them money.

A few years ago I got angry with Ikea for running essentially a Bait & Switch. I probably would have let it go if, at every stage, they hadn't simply shrugged their shoulders every time I asked about the product advertised. In the end, I put together a really good complaint to (I think it was) the Competition Bureau. They never tell you the results but I'm fairly sure my complaint did result in an investigation.

More recently, I was so pissed off at a franchise owned bar (Wild Wing) for advertising employment opportunities (I'm a bartender) but insisting that applicants send photos (obviously to screen out older, not so attractive males like myself). I emailed head office COMPLIMENTING them for using photos to screen out obvious MINORITIES. I'm hoping phone calls to lawyers were made, memos were generated and HR started pulling their hair out.

I love being a shit disturber.

I also run a small, small service helping people with parking tickets. Most of the time I end up just giving free advice.

Keep fighting the good fight.


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WildWing Head Office Emails

Actual copy&paste emails rec'd from the WildWing Head Office...their trail of deceit....

I wanted SOMEONE at Head Office to know about this, so I figured I'd just email them and let them know... however you could not reach ANYONE at their Head Office - there was no email link, and when you filled out the form on their contact page it was either never delivered or never answered...

So, I noted the footer for the site carried a link to the site developer - so I emailed them on Mon Sept 16th - 3 days after this horrible incident occured....and here's what I got from someone there the SAME DAY....talk about great engagement.....

Hi Jim,
I understand you've been having some difficulties reaching the customer service dept. at Wild Wing head office? Please understand that they deal with over 100 restaurants and may have yet not reached your case yet. What may also have happened is depending on where you submitted your complaint that it may have been directed to the store in question. Unfortunately when this happens we have no way of knowing what the resolution was or if it was ever attended to in the first place. If you could please briefly explain your course of action to date I will help where I can.

So, I filled this fellow in...he seemed sincere and I thought could perhaps let Head Office know just how pissed I was....guess he passed it along and here is the 1st reply from anyone at their Head Office...on Sept 24th or 8 days later...

Thank you for your email. We apologize you have not received a response from the location in regards to your previous email. I will be in contact with the location to find out what is happening with the response.

Thank you,

Andrea Stephens
Operations/Field Operations & Customer Service

From the Location? They can't even deliver a simple order...why would I ever contact them about anything...it's the Head Office I want something from...that apology for instance. So I emailed her back - she does have the "title" (like it means anything) of Customer Service person...so maybe she can or will help? ...sigh....And this time it took her 7 days to respond....sigh...so as of Oct 4th, this is what was sent back to me...

Could you kindly provide me with a full name and mailing address? We would like to send you a cheque as compensation to your poor experience while dining at our waterdown location.

Thank you!
Andrea Stephens
Operations/Field Operations & Customer Service

Great. She will send me a cheque - like that means anything....what I want of course is a bloody apology from that idiot at the Waterdown store to my wife...not $$$ at all!!

Since that email of Oct 15th - or as of today, 35 days ago, there has been no further communication.

No letter of apology. No cheque. No notice of any kind that the Head Office even valued what they said they'd do - and did it.

And yes, I did follow-up....I've emailed this "Customer Service" person now 3 times over that past 35 days saying each time "...uh, hello? I've not received anything from you ever at my postal address that I sent..." Not a thing. Not a bloody thing.

I am not surprised, as it's obvious that Head Office is about as efficient and trustworthy as your Waterdown store owners/managers….

What a shame! I hope that others are still watching, in fact I guess I'm gonna ramp up my social media mentions of same…and yes I will update this too as it occurs....if ever....sigh...

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Almost the FINAL ENTRY:
Waterdown WildWing Sends Us a Cheque!!!

After more than 2 months of us saying that we were so so wronged by the Waterdown WildWing restaurant, their Head Office finally pressured (we assume they did) the local franchisee to send us a cheque as you can see here....guess some folks don't know that the return address is always supposed to go in the top left corner....not the bottom right one...sigh....anyways here's the envelope itself -

And the cheque itself....note that I was prepared for a comment in the RE: area that was derogatory but that didn't happen....so thanks for that at least.

You may remember that I was mostly upset by the way that my wife was treated by the person who claimed to be the Manager....turns out we've heard that they are not same but the cook....but in any event, we also got a letter too from Head Office with what I guess they consider to be an apology....and I also note that while we had been shortchanged by about $9.00 the cheque itself was for $100.00 - wonder why it was so much more? Hmm....guilty conscience maybe...sigh!

Is this the "end" of the whole experience....I dunno...but I do know this --

That we will never ever be customers of ANY WildWing restaurant again....ever!

Waterdown WildWing is CLOSED!!!

We have just received the best news ever....

Our Waterdown WildWing god-awful restaurant - is closed!!!!


Waterdown WildWing Sucks!!!!

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